Personalised face care on demand.

The LAB device allows you to formulate fresh skincare every day to meet the specific changing needs of your skin and your lifestyle.

  • It allows you to create 20 tailor-made treatments by combining various DUO capsules together.
  • In less than 2 minutes, it blends a freshly emulsified formula and activates the ingredients just before application to deliver their full potency.
  • It delivers a treatment warmed up to the temperature of the skin to improve the penetration of active ingredients.
  • Thanks to its "contactless" and sterile technology, it is possible to formulate free from preservatives to respect the natural ecosystem of the skin.


L17.8 x W15.8 x H13cm




On mains or on integrated Li-ion battery

Battery life

Up to 40 uses

Battery charging time

Two and a half hours

Repair guarantee

10 years

Where to purchase DUOLAB?

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