Encourage women to take control of their beauty.

Progress and innovation drive us… so does skincare.
6 years of Research & Development and our entrepreneurial spirit have allowed us to develop a unique personalised skincare solution, to give you the power to create face care that is good for your skin, and more...

A Beauty Tech start-up within L’Occitane Group.

Together, we have broken down barriers and challenged our working methods to develop a new skincare gesture, answering to the needs of today's women. In everything we do, we strive to go beyond the usual requirements of natural beauty and we work with experts to offer an experience at the cutting edge of innovation.

In 2020, we presented our technology at the CES in Las Vegas, the most influential Tech Event in the world. We are now present in 3 countries, in the United Kingdom, France (with our partner LimeLife) and Switzerland.

To empower you to become your own skin expert.

Who better than you to understand your needs?

Dare to listen to yourself, get started, experiment... You have the power, you can act directly and in real time on your skin changing needs, depending on external factors and your lifestyle.

We offer you a new way of experiencing beauty: YOU become the actor of your skin, by adapting your face care on a daily basis. Break up your skincare routine and create by yourself what's good for your skin.

An exclusive partnership with LimeLife Beauty Guides for personalised service and advice.

DUOLAB has partnered with LimeLife and its Beauty Guide network: a caring community of beauty experts and enthusiasts who will take the time to listen to you to better advise you and direct you to the Duolab products that suit you.

We invite you to contact one of the LimeLife Network Beauty Guides for advice.